The covenant of blueswift · First visit to China: welcome to visit our company

At 9:30 on April 22, 2017, customers from South America, Joe and Bob came to our company to visit. Joe and Bob have had several successful deals with our company. Joe and Bob are very pleased with our company’s products. Our company has arranged for Jason and Emily to host Joe and Bob.

At 10:30 am, Jason and Emily took Joe and Bob to visit the company and the company’s factory assembly line. Joe and Bob, during the visit, Joe said to Jason, “is your company so demanding that the product is so strict?” Jason replied: “Our company’s requirements for each product are exceptionally strict, we have to do to the customer’s request with their greatest ability to complete.We not only to complete the customer’s request, and the company’s product The goal is to achieve the level of world-class products. ” Joe and Bob are very happy with this question and answer.
At 3:45 pm, Joe and Bob ended the trip to China. They said that the trip to China was perfect. They also hope that the next time and our company can once again come to China.