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The first contact with the BlueSwift – the Argentinean customer’s trip to China

May 23, 2017, the Argentine customer Mr. Mike, who accompanied by the client manager, to our company, production workshop and exhibition hall to do a friendly visit. Mr. Mike and others need A lot of LED LIGHT products, but do not know which LED foreign trade company’s LED products do well, after Mr. Mike’s friend’s introduction, recommended our company, So this trip to China is to visit and to understand our company’s products Guangzhou Blueswift Electric Co., Ltd, is one [...]

The covenant of blueswift · First visit to China: welcome to visit our company

At 9:30 on April 22, 2017, customers from South America, Joe and Bob came to our company to visit. Joe and Bob have had several successful deals with our company. Joe and Bob are very pleased with our company’s products. Our company has arranged for Jason and Emily to host Joe and Bob. At 10:30 am, Jason and Emily took Joe and Bob to visit the company and the company’s factory assembly line. Joe and Bob, during the visit, Joe said to [...]